Bruno Beltrão

For those who love hip-hop dancing but hate most hip-hop shows (that would be me), Bruno Beltrão has come along like a knight in squeaky sneakers. This weekend, the 30-year-old Brazilian choreographer makes his New York debut at Dance Theater Workshop with H3, an evening-length work focusing on a series of male duets. Each is subtly virtuosic and bereft of the sort of posturing, eager-to-please tricks and overpowering music—which suspiciously tends to grow louder the less there is to see onstage—that usually accompany a hip-hop show. In H3, Beltrão employs a cast of nine to give the dance form a modern theatrical frame, thereby challenging the machismo aspects of hip-hop; strangely enough, on a proscenium stage, he has restored its intimacy and made it all the more powerful. While on his first US tour, Beltrão chatted via e-mail about his singular approach. For more in Dance, visit