Dining and Libation Society at Eldridge

You scarfed chorizo tapioca at JoeDoe, marveled at Dave Arnold and Johnny Iuzzini's cocktail wizardry, and went trotter to trotter with April Bloomfield at the Spotted Pig. Now the Dining & Libation Society has cooked up another TONY-sponsored tour de force, this time at LES speakeasy the Eldridge. The very dishy mixologist Charlotte Voisey is the marquee talent—she'll be mixing up a range of Hendrick's gin cocktails (the cucumber-spiked spirit joins Aperol; clementine, pineapple and lime juices; and—Dow be damned—gold flakes in the "Little Miss Hendrick's"). The booze (and beer) will flow freely, which should be plenty of time to pose your most pressing restaurant and bar questions to Eat Out's own Jordana Rothman, who will also be on hand. We hear she gets awful chatty with a few drinks in her. For more coverage of NYC restaurants and bars, visit