Time Out Live: Cody ChesnuTT performs "What Kind of Cool Can We Think of Next"

Cody ChesnuTT is a master of temptation. Ten years ago, we were hooked on his cool-as-silk vocals on the Roots' chart-topper "The Seed (2.0)" and the groovy, lo-fi The Headphone Masterpiece. After dropping off the radar to spend time with his family, ChesnuTT returned with the 2010 EP Black Skin No Value, and today the soul maverick reappeared to tempt us once more—with a brief visit to the Time Out New York office. Luring the entire staff away from their desks, ChesnuTT played "What Kind of Cool Can We Think of Next." We're anxiously awaiting this year's release of his sophomore album, Landing on a Hundred. Just in case he plans to disappear again, catch Cody ChesnuTT tonight (July 11) at S.O.B.'s.

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