Madison Lights 2013_NYC: Lifeline of Existence

- Madison Lights 2013 _NYC: Lifeline of Existence by Ricardo Catalan Jr.-

As I was walking by Madison Square Park/Flatiron Building (January 16, 2013) on an NYC cold & rainy night, I saw this 30 ft. spherical colored lights structure being displayed in the park - "Buckyball" by Leo Villareal.

It was so cool! It immediately inspired me to video shoot the colored lights display and produced this clip - Madison Lights 2013 - NYC: Lifeline of Existence [6 mins:57 secs]. Being inspired by Villareal's work and as a fellow artist, I videotaped just a portion of the structure to expressed my interpretation of this beautiful artwork. Since I've seen the 'forest' (the 30 ft. spherical colored lights structure) from afar, I focused on the 'trees' (the close-up intricate color light synchronization) as my self-resonation of the "Buckyball". With this magnificent artwork, I have to pair it with an equally upbeat style on a specific synchronized beat. Lo and behold, I came across the music by longzijun "transect-no guitar solo".

I found Villareal's work evocative. Here's a partial list of what resonated in me: Journey Evolution Destination Union Connection Transformation Perfection Communion Infinity Separation Strife Warmth Birth Rebirth - Enjoy the Light Show! :-)