Restoring Prospect Park's Music Island and the Esplanade

With its shoreline and scenic views, Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux conceived of Music Island, the Esplanade and the Concert Grove as a central space for Brooklyn residents to come together, whether for musical concerts or ice skating on the Lake. Using Olmsted and Vaux's plans for Prospect Park and through extensive photographic research and analysis, Music Island and the Esplanade have been restored to their original design. Music Island has been rebuilt in five acres of re-excavated Lake. The granite walls along the formal part of the esplanade have been reconstructed as per their original design and the soft edge of the extended esplanade has been restored with boulders and native trees, shrubs and aquatic plants. The radial path system and terrace in the Lower Concert Grove have also been re-established. The completion of Music Island and the Esplanade marks a significant milestone in the Alliance's ongoing restoration of Prospect Park and its entire 60-acre watercourse.

Video: Prospect Park Alliance