Porgy and Bess 1959 - Stereo - 15 songs

Here are 15 songs from the 1959 film of George Gershwin's opera, produced by Samuel Goldwyn and directed by Otto Preminger. I've replaced the audio with tracks from the soundtrack CD. 2:09 "Summertime" Sung by Loulie Jean Norman for Diahann Carroll 4:47 "A Woman Is a Sometime Thing" Sung by Leslie Scott 6:45 "Gone, Gone, Gone / Overflow, Overflow" 9:45 "I Got Plenty o' Nuttin'" Sung by Robert McFerrin for Sidney Poitier 12:55 "Bess, You Is My Woman Now" Sung by Robert McFerrin for Sidney Poitier and Adele Addison for Dorothy Dandridge 18:05 "Oh, I Can't Sit Down" Sung by Pearl Bailey 20:08 "I Ain't Got No Shame" 20:52 "What You Want With Bess?" Sung by Brock Peters 23:00 "Street Vendors' Cries" 25:28 "I Loves You Porgy" 28:53 "A Red Headed Woman" 30:04 "Clara, Clara" 32:15 "Morning Sounds" 33:49 "O Bess, O Where's My Bess" 36:18 "Finale: O Lawd, I'm On My Way" In a Life magazine article, singer Robert McFerrin detailed the working process he and Poitier went through to create their role. McFerrin stated, "We had to get to know Porgy as a man. It could not be Poitier the actor or McFerrin the singer. It had to be Porgy, a blend of both." First Poitier read the lines, then acted them for McFerrin. Poitier then listened to recordings of McFerrin singing the songs and sang to the recordings while studying his appearance in a mirror. Although she was a well-known singer, Dorothy Dandridge's singing voice was dubbed because her soprano voice did not match McFerrin's baritone ...