Time Out Live: Torres performs "Sprinter" by Torres

As Torres, 24-year-old Brooklynite Mackenzie Scott makes indie rock that's a tapestry of tense moments. Her 2013 self-titled debut, recorded in Nashville where the songwriter lived before relocating to New York, mixes distorted sounds with hushed indictments. Torres's new album, Sprinter, out May 5th on Partisan Records, keeps up the high-wire drama, with Scott's voice delivering emotional gut-punches over music that goes from library-quiet to a full-on roar. On the record, producer Rob Ellis, Portishead guitarist Adrian Utley and PJ Harvey bassist Ian Olliver assist, but our solo Time Out Live session catches the songwriter playing stripped-down acoustic versions of two excellent new tunes: "Ferris Wheel" and title-track "Sprinter."

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