Viking Moses at Crash Mansion

If you don't know who Viking Moses is, you probably own records by some of the musicians he's collaborated with: Devendra Banhart, the Oldhams and Phosphorescent, to name a few. But the fact that Missouri man Viking Moses, aka Brendon Massei, hasn't made it big (yet) could have something to do with his seeming disinterest in what anyone thinks of him or his music. Sometimes it's soft and rueful (check the track "Crosses," below), but other times he sings so loud it comes across as almost drunkenly unhinged—the same goes for his scratchy guitar playing. Then there's stuff he writes about; new album The Parts that Showed tells the story of a prostitute who saves her money to buy ice cream for local kids. Year of the Gentleman it ain't. Even the way he was dressed last night, a bit like a teenage boy who hasn't started worrying about clothes. And these things are all part of what makes Viking Moses so utterly brilliant. For more in Music, visit